Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shaky Game

I know the world of third-party apps is weird, demented, and morally bankrupt (they consider that a compliment). But the iPhone app "Baby Shaker"? My cousin has a baby, Grant, and he was shaken by his caretaker. A happy baby before then, but now a frustrated child because he can't balance himself enough to stand straight, among other mental and coordination problems. It's called 'Shaken Baby Syndrome', and there are many childrenwho suffer because they were shaken (supposedly to attain silence, just like the shaking of the iPhone does in the program). To watch him struggle with just the act of moving from one place to another can break a heart. It does mine.

I want whoever the stupid ass is who thought up such an app to go over my cousin's house and spend some time getting to know Grant, and the true supermom who raises him. By the time he's done, I'd hope he'd himself be shaken -- emotionally. What in hell gets into people that they think that's funny??

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