Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amazing Race 14: the finish line

Tomorrow is the last segment for the Amazing Race season 14 (TAR 14).

They're finishing up in Hawaii, on a golf course on Maui no less. (I hope no golfers try to play through...)

There's always a task in the finals where the racers have to remember what happened in the previous legs of the race. From the preview, it looks like that will be tied to making a surfboard wall.

Who will win? I can't see how it can be anyone else but Tammy and Victor. They're just too good at it. Besides, I'm figuring Jamie (of Cara and...) will have to keep dealing with the fact that taxi drivers are not human slaves, even on the rare occasion they speak her language (rare even here in the US!) And after this, Margie will get a well-earned rest.

The TARflies (fans) will be meeting again in New York to see the finale, in what's called "TARcon". I'd love to be there with them (it's only a 1 hr. trainride away), but I can't because of family commitments. Hopefully, it won't be as noisy as when I went last -- the night the Giants beat the Packers to get into the Super Bowl. They might be able to hear each other speak this time. I'm also hoping Phil Keoghan feels well enough to attend; he's been on a difficult bike ride across the USA to raise money for MS, with of course the usual promotionals along the way for GNC stores and TAR. (At least he didn't have to carry a Travelocity Gnome around, like the racers...)

I will be watching, though. Go Tammy!

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