Friday, March 13, 2009

Do 'Spiritual Words' Mean Anything?

A growing number of people are saying, "No, they don't". I beg to differ.

The definitions at Spirithome are my best attempt to make sense out of the most important words used in 'spiritual' or 'mystical' or 'religious' speech and writings, including words that are better not to use at all, or only when talking to specialists.

I understand full well that these words are used for blowing smoke, for blurring the cutting edges of belief, for hiding or disguising a lack of knowledge or the desire to become a 'spiritual' star. There's a lot of distrust, with good reason. You can go ahead and distrust me, too, but before you do, please take the time to read these word meanings. I'm convinced the words (or most of them, anyway) speak to the most important and down-to-earth matters of life. And of what's beyond life. I also believe that definitions are not only used as a trap, they can also be used as a way out of the traps.

I need to hear from you if the Spirithome definitions are right, or most importantly, what they miss. I ask for your feedback. You can be as opinionated as you want, but I do ask that you stay focused on what is meant by the words. Give it a try.

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