Friday, November 23, 2007

Music notes

(1) On Dion DiMucci's newest album, in amongst the blues songs from Skip James, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson and such, he has an original named "The Thunderer". It's about, of all people, St. Jerome! (The guy who translated the Bible in Latin, the translation known as the Vulgate.) Check it out!

(2) On The Amazing Race 12, there is a team of a grandson and grandfather, Nicholas and Donald. Apparently, they're the son and father-in-law of Robbie Fulks, the sometimes-country recording artist. If they're anything like him, then I'll guess that the show's editors must cut out an awful lot of FCC no-nos, because does Fulks ever spew them!

Monday, November 19, 2007

04 November 2007 WUSB 90.1 FM

Bob Longman -- Sun 12:30-2:30 pm -- 04 November 2007
(N=the album's new to WUSB)

All The Ways You Wander -- Brooks Williams -- Hundred Year Shadow
I Still Miss Someone -- Johnny Cash
Speak Into Me -- Christopher Williams -- When I Was Everything
Who Is Not Afraid? -- Charlie Peacock -- Lie Down In the Grass
I'm Still In Love With You -- Al Green
Good Stuff -- Eric Bibb -- An Evening With -- N
Yellow Guitar -- Kate Campbell -- Monuments
Mary -- Maeve
Awake -- Peter Mayer
How Deep Is Your Love -- the Bird & the Bee -- Please Clap Your Hands -- N
Happiness Runs -- Storyhill
Along the Way -- Doug Wamble
Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven -- Jimmy King -- Live at Monterey
the Backbiter -- Cephas & Wiggins
You Can't Hold On (to a Love That's Gone) -- Holmes Brothers
Missing You -- Johnny Rawls-- Heart & Soul -- N
Tunnels -- Donockley & Bainbridge
Let Us Get Together -- Marie Knight -- Let Us Get Together -- N
Beijing (Widescreen mix) -- Iona UK -- Songs For Luca
Wolves (Shepherd's Dog) -- Iron & Wine -- the Shepherd's Dog -- N
Lay Down (full-length mix) -- Melanie
Feels Good -- Take 6 -- Feels Good -- N
Big Boy Blue -- Ella Fitzgerald/Mills Brothers
I'm Through With Love -- Arthur Prysock
Artillerie Lourde (Heavy Artillery) -- James Carter -- Chasin' the Gypsy
But Beautiful -- Betty Carter -- I Can't Help It
Too Marvelous For Words (1940s) -- Nat King Cole
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans -- Take 6 / Aaron Neville
Boyd's Bounce -- Professor Longhair

Jimmy King @ Monterey, with a traditional -- ... but nobody wants to die [which is how you get there].
If you've never heard the full-length Lay Down, do so. It's a gospel-sound full-out celebration w. Edwin Hawkins & co.
Prysock gets really deeeeeep.
When he visited WUSB, Allen Toussaint spoke a lot about how he patterned his piano and musical styles on Longhair in his youth.

Monday, November 05, 2007

WUSB FM /, 21 October 2007

Bob Longman WUSB 90.1 Fm / Sun 11:30-2:30 pm 21 October 2007

America --- Simon & Garfunkel
Wild, Wild Heart --- James O'Malley
Doin' Nothin' --- Phil Keaggy
Snowman -- Jan Krist
Everybody Knows -- Ryan Adams -- (single) -- N
Morris of Arabia (In the Sahara) -- Myron Cohen
Somebrightmorningblues -- Peter Case -- Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John -- N
Let's Go Out -- Devon Sproule -- Keep Your Silver Shined -- N
Eyes On the Prize -- Mavis Staples -- We'll Never Turn Back-- N
Java Jive -- Manhattan Transfer
Shanghai Moon -- Cosmos w. Dawn Ho -- Aiming For the Stars
Dreaming My Dreams With You -- Waylon Jennings
Sinners' Prayer -- Rod Picott -- Summerbirds -- N
Lula Lula Don't You Go To Bingo -- Boozoo Chavis
I Know What's Going On -- Joan Osbourne -- Breakfast In Bed -- N
Take Time to Know Her -- Percy Sledge
Take Time To Know Her -- John Mooney
Change -- Gospel Hummingbirds
Substitute For Life -- Real Group -- Commonly Unique
A Thousand Things -- Real Group -- Commonly Unique
Road to Hope -- Hilary Scott -- Road To Hope -- N
Juan Loco -- Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Falling Star -- Tom Prasada-Rao
Jazz n' Samba -- BR6 -- Here To Stay -- N
Don't Fix What's Broken -- Cadence

Just another note on Cold Case

...and what is typical of so many shows, especially those of Jerry Bruckheimer, but most typical of Cold Case.

Once again, as it has done repeatedly over the years, time and again, the show writers of this Sunday's segment once again made absolutely sure to trash marriage. Once again, romantic affairs are portrayed as a healthy way out of a stymying marriage. This has been said by so many show biz sources that many people are actually beginning to believe it. And it may well be true in a few instances. But here in real life, whether in the 1930s (the show's setting this week) or today, the vast majority of the time affairs don't make people stronger, they make people more foolish. They don't make people's lives more real, they play into people's fantasies. They don't build up, they destroy. Far, far more often than the other way around. And we always think of ourselves as the exception, when we are really the rule.

An affair is not someone standing up to break their chains. Much more often, it is a surrender to our own worst enemy, which is usually ourselves. But do you think a Bruckheimer show will ever say that? And am I being a [male tool] by asking that they start being real about it?

I'm almost mad. Can't get really mad, though. I met Allen Toussaint on Saturday, saw the Patriots win Sunday on TV, and then saw the return of Amazing Race !!