Thursday, May 22, 2008

WUSB Radio Show, Bob Longman, 20 April 2008

12:30-2:30 pm. WUSB Stony Brook NY, 90.1 FM,

title -- Artist -- album N=New Lp=vinyl I=Instrumental

Hang Out With the Moon -- Diana Jones
Keeper Of the Earth -- Chuck Pyle
Sailing -- Chuck Pyle
All That I Am -- Tom Griffith
Prosciutto E Meloni -- La Bande Magnetik -- A Kapella -- N
Illia -- La Bande Magnetik -- A Kapella -- N
I Still Haven't Found... -- Cheikh Lo -- In the Name of Love (U2 trib) -- N
Not the End -- Natalie Walker -- Urban Angel -- N
We Walk In A Fog -- Rajaton -- Out Of Bounds -- "N"
Sunshine -- Jonathan Edwards
With or Without You -- Les Nubians -- In the Name of Love (U2 trib) -- N
Ride On -- Ben Wise -- Beside the Dial -- N
Simple Gifts -- Vox One
Gathering of Spirits -- Carrie Newcomer
61 Highway -- Brooks Williams -- Time I Spend w. You -- N
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today -- Judy Collins
Adrift -- Iona (UK)
Jeremiah's Prayer -- Mark Broussard
One -- Keziah Jones -- In the Name of Love (U2 trib) -- N
Set U Free -- Take 6
Improv 2 -- Vox One
Leave It To Me -- Vox One -- -- R

Why does this song from the Magnetik ones make my tummy yearn for an Italian sub?
If you're looking for great NGOs/nonprofits/charities to be involved with, check out the ones described in the booklet for this U2 tribute CD, and its online site. These are the real deal. (Some of them are already listed to the left of this posting, and linked from the site.)

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