Friday, February 29, 2008

Report from Antelope Valley

The second full day here in SoCal. So far, a job interview or two, meeting relatives, and a lot of driving and learning the lay of the land. One of the 'stretching' things I'm doing is that I'm using what is for me new technology. For instace, a wireless phone. (Never had one before.) I'm driving a hybrid car (new to me), with a GPS (new to me). Oddly enough, it's all been easy so far, no bizarre electronic fubbs to report. Too easy. The GPS is doing wonders for getting around a strange city.

I've been to the Valley now for a fifth time, but each time is different because each time the place has changed. More houses, more shopping centers, fewer joshua trees. All according to a plan - even if it resembles helter-skelter. (But more of that some other time.) It's not as dry this time, there's more moisture in the air. And there's more fog/smog at the foot of the south mountains. Homes are still being planned, though few are actually being built at the moment. No, it does not yet resemble LA, yet it also resembles its desert roots less and less.

I had a fun time at the Desert Toastmasters tonight, an unplanned pleasure on a busy schedule. I hope I can visit more parts of the LA church scene in the next few days.

More later....

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