Thursday, July 23, 2009

TAR 15 -- from an Unexpected source

It seems that a relative of one of the women I know from Stony Brook U is in Tokyo Japan. The woman said that two pairs of Amazing Racers had run past the relative. Didn't say where or what they were doing, so it's not quite a true spoiler. And there were pix, but not shared. Also, she's a Big Brother fan who despises TAR. (:P)

That got me thinking: with the wireless technology and the prevalence of Twitter worldwide, can anyone hide anything anymore? In the case of Amazing Race, the TAR Detectives get such incredible detail on everything, long before anything airs. I don't read spoilers until it airs, but I'm sure Chateau has the airport covered and the camera angles figured, Apskip's got the flight numbers and arrival times, and Neobie's got the leg mapped out. It's incredible. But fortunately, they're fans. They love the show and they're sane (as far as any fanship is 'sane'...) Think what would happen in the hands of people who are, er, less supportive and less sane, like, say, someone who's stalking a star, or trying to undermine a rival, not to mention terrorists or spys or Big Brother fans. Go to a mountain in Tibet, some monk's Twittering from the next mountain over. Or a tundra location in Yakutia in Siberia -- the bears have their own YouTube accounts. The amount of evidence can be astounding, and that makes chasing it down for a live event so much fun.

But it's also just a bit scary. Technology has redefined privacy in a way that makes it impossible to hold as a near-absolute right above all else. It has become what it really was all along - a right to be held in the context of all other rights, and defended as such. And it is dealt with in the breach more than in fact, in typical human fashion. How to handle it from there, I don't know.


Richard Adams said...

I'd argue about the sanity of the TAR detectives ;-)

Any chance at all of seeing those photos from Tokyo?

Bob Longman said...

No. And there's no info to go with it -- it could've been downtown, could've been at the airport, could've been just about anywhere. But it is Tokyo (as a visitor would see it).

Has TAR 15 gone that far along? Must be late in the going -- unless they went westward first in which case it'd be early, and Asia except China and Thailand would be in play. Here's hoping for Singapore, Manila, Tunisia, and Ghana. If they've been to Europe already, I hope it was to Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and/or Vatican City. Hit the little spots. Though a return to Dubrovnik wouldn't hurt.

I just though of something -- could this be the turn for a specialty TAR, like All-Stars and Family? (Yecch....) There's got to be some lame idea out there to hang the show onto -- like the All-California show, the Kinda-Sorta-Celebrity show, or the Beauty-Queen season. Wait a minute -- their casts haven't been far from those every season!! If not a specialty, then all of the above will once again be cast this season. How about Total-Unknowns-From-the-US-Midwest-or-Canada?

Bob Longman said...

I just thought of something -- she may decide to post the photos on Facebook when she gets back. I still doubt it, but it might happen. In which case the TAR Detectives will find it within hours, and I won't know of it until after that leg airs.

I personally know the folks who spotted TAR, but in some ways the TAR Detectives are closer to them (or at least, to their pix) than I am. Feels weird.

Bob Longman said...

The woman who saw the Amazing Racers in/around Tokyo has arrived in NY -- just in time to get ready for her coursework. She's the cousin of one of the nursing students, and is now here herself, training for geriatrics. (I didn't know this.)

She's tight-lipped about most of it. She did say that a guy wearing a lot of yellow rushed inches from her as she was leaving the airport. One of the people following that pair (I think she means the camera or sound crew) practically ran her over. I wonder if she'll be seen in the program footage, if that's the case! She thinks the Fanny Pack is cute. And, if the photos are ever posted, it would be well after classes start.

Can't wait to see who the almost-celebs, beauty queens, gay-rights point-makers, Californians, and the requisite elderly couple/Race fodder are. Then I can pick an Amazing Race winner. I'm not bad at that: 6 of the last 8.

I just wish that customs and passports were not such a confusing nightmare, and they could have an international Amazing Race. That would be the ultimate blast!!