Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Feedback on Church Words

What applies to words about the Bible also applies to churchly words. The definitions at Spirithome.com are my best attempt to make sense out some of the most important words of the Christian tradition, including words that are better not to use at all, or only when addressing specialists.

I need to hear from you if the Spirithome definitions are right, or most importantly, what they miss. So go ahead. Make my day....


Anonymous said...

you know I read some of this stuff anybody can write. There is a whole lot of people that thinks they are going to heaven, especially the people that cause themselves christian. Do you not think the muslim is going to hell no, everybody thinks muslim are terriorist, or the jews are not religion peoples. But it seen to me that the so call christian are the ones with the problems. You seee GOD is dhere to help everyone especialy the sinner, you not going tyo get to heaven because you did nice things or by preaching or writing or talking about the bible and saying who god not listen to or pray for them to I guess you mean the low life. No that not going to get you no wher. He said go out and preach my word so they the people would know who I am, and you must love everyone because is love. He does not look down on anybody. Don't you forget that because god wants a personal realationship with all of us whom will do his will so we don't argue over who religin is right just know that it is love and doing god's work and letting the world know who god and the son of jesus is. We are not to not anybody religion down we are to show who is god and to love one of another not just trash talking by using the bible and saying igorants thing thinking people going to listen to you. I will say it again if you are not following the tenth commandment and not doing whats sthe lord wants you to do and that go and dpreach the words and tell mankind about him and what he stands for he is for all people the theif the muderous the rapists even the child modlesters he is for all that sins and that will ask for forgiveness and ask god to come into their life, he sis and all powerful god a forgiven god a loving god and dsone to be fear and dhave respect. God forgives all the sinners all except the ones that takes his own life and athe d one that blasphem against gods. That all I have to say because ddI hardly goes ssto church but I read my bilbe and I knows what gods wants, and yes he does answers prayer all you have to do is beleive and have faith just alittle faith a musterseed of faith, and he will moved those mountains out of your way just say out loud what ever the problems maybe to removed or say I will have but say in the name of jesus and beleive what you say because your words is powerful and don't forget speak out loud in your private place of prayer god does not discrimanate go to him as you are and go out and do the lord work and don't be ashamed to tell how much you love the lord and tell how he love you and everyone else and that he wants them to come to him and ask him and he knows already what your needs are and your wants and your heart desire. GODS LOVES EVERYONE BUT HE DESPISE A LIAR AND A HIPACRITE.

Anonymous said...