Thursday, October 02, 2008

Playoff predictions

Baseball playoff predictions, September 29 2008, made at an online sports site that will go unnamed (but many of you saw it posted).

AL :

Angels vs. Red Sox : Angels in 5
Rays vs. White Sox : Rays in 4

Angels vs. Rays : Angels in 5

NL :

Cubs vs. Dodgers : Cubs in 5
Phillies vs. Brewers : Phillies in 3

Cubs vs. Phillies : Cubs in 6

World Series :

Angels vs. Cubs : Angels in 6

Best Manager in Baseball : Mike Sciosia.

Scoring per hit : Ryan Howard, Phillies.

Players most likely to be tarred and feathered in their team's home town :
Scott Schoeneweis and Aaron Heilman, NY Mets.

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