Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a month off... whoa! too long.

I've been so busy with my own woes and those of others that I haven't posted in 6 weeks. Ouch!

I haven't forgotten. I'm coming!

Much of that time has been dedicated to my finances. Mine are a bit messy. (Like a lot of folks.) I'll have to find a new revenue stream to better support my lifestyle. (Living in a cubicle apartment, minimized expenses, no luxuries.) And, of course, it was tax season, when America's average blood pressure rises by about 15%. Some of the time left over was in the interminable search for a woman to love. And the first week or so of my 'break' was decompressing from the trip to California. No, I didn't see a single celebrity. (Rick Warren doesn't count...:) ) Nor did I get any job offers. But it was great being with my father's side of the family.

Not much was done with the site in the past month. Some duplicate content was removed. Only two pages took big drops during that time. One of those is seasonal -- angels.html, which drops down search lists when baseball season starts due to the sites related to the Los Angeles Angels team. The other is a puzzler, prayersp.html, which is the main page on prayer. (The other prayer pages are doing quite well.) I'll be doing an emailing in a few weeks to those who asked for it. And there are a few new word definitions, most notably on atonement, expiation, and propitiation.

Please keep me in prayer -- I'll need all of the divine attention I can get.

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