Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not your typical babys' babble

One of my readers at asked me this question about 6 years ago :

>> My parents recently told me that when I was little (3-4 yrs old),
>> sometimes at night I would speak in tongues. They're
>> not religious or anything. I don't remember
>> this at all, but then I don't remember much from back then.

I'm assuming they're talking about a time after you started
talking a lot in regular English. It's common for little
children to speak that way. Psychologists say there's no
special meaning to it, though it does seem to have patterns
like talking does. I like to think of it as still remembering
what it was like to be with God and trying to relate with Him
as they did before they were born. I didn't lose that sense
until I was about 7, so I was more aware about it than most are.

>> I'd like to know if I should try to get that ability
>> back or uncover it again. Considering I am a Christian but
>> I don't spend a lot of time or effort in the religion, I want to
>> know if it's worth it or if I have an obligation to use it because
>> God gave it to me for a purpose.

God does not oblige you to do such things. God gave you all that you have, and gave it for a purpose, but you'll use it (or choose not to) when God puts forward the opportunity. Please don't feel guilty about not using tongues or for that matter, about how much time or effort you put into the faith. 15-year-olds like you rarely do, they're too busy living and growing up. I do hope you set up a pattern of praying each day, that's one thing that will be helpful between you and God and for your own peace of mind. Just set aside some time whenever it's best to do so, pray your main concerns, then just be still for a while, and think about something about Jesus. Most folks who do this find themselves being more steady and confident in what can be a confusing time of life. And you'll have a better sense of God's timing.

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Anonymous said...

Children whose parents have raised them the ways of the Lord since birth or very young do have the ability to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. It happens all the time so it is quite possible that a 3 or 4 year can speak in tongues. My friends 7 year old daughter spoke in tongues for the first time on mothers day in sunday school. She said that was Gods mothers day gift to her. :)