Wednesday, October 24, 2007

At least I know who I'm not...

A note on the Robert Longmans that I am not :

  1. I was not the lead live broadcast engineer at the BBC for many years, who was instrumental in their live casts of Parliament sessions. He was, in many ways, a broadcast pioneer.

  2. I was not the town smithy in Easington UK in the 1850s.
    Nor am I his probable ancestor who married a woman named Mary, who soon after his death married the son of the Rector of Easington, Thomas Mallory, in the 1650s.

  3. I was not witness to the wedding of William Dowling and Ann Longman, 30 Oct 1785, at St. Mary Bourne, Winchester Anglican Diocese

  4. I was not a poet/writer in Lancashire UK around 1350.

  5. I was not the Anglican minister of Placentia NF starting in 1759.

  6. I did not live in Tingewick UK in the 1890s.

  7. I was not the son (1785 - 1850) of William & Matilda Longman.

  8. I did not marry a Jane Hodges in Corton-Denham, Somerset UK, whose son was Charles Longman (b. 1722). (Though I could be related to him.)

  9. I am not the president of Central Surveys Inc.

  10. I do not head the Australian Electoral Office.

  11. I was not he who agreed to the Protestation of 1641, in Stalbridge, Dorset UK -- nor would I have done so.

  12. I was not his probable descendant, a woodman from Hilton in Dorset, who at the time of the 1881 census was an inmate at the Poole Union Workhouse.

  13. I am not a credit officer at the Rural Community Assistance Corp. (though I have read articles related to his work)

  14. I am not the Laparoscopic Surgeon in Bristol UK.

  15. I did not marry Hillary Carter (Hillary was b. around 1954). (Or anyone else :( )

  16. I was not a fencer at Oberlin College (class of '62)

  17. I did not marry Hannah Scouse in Wherwell UK on 12 Jan 1767, nor marry Rachel Becket in Wherwell UK on 25 July 1785.

  18. I am not Group Technical Director at Plasmon.

  19. I am not in any way involved with USA Shout Media.

  20. I am not the Longman who is affiliated with Green Living Now.

  21. I am not the antitrust legal counsel at Kasowitz, Benson LLP. That Robert is also an officer of a group that works with the world's needy women and children, Heartbeats Of the World. His wedding to Chin Quee was written up in the New York Times (16 July 1996).

  22. I am not the consultant who was quoted in several news reports as having heard the Cory Lidle plane crash.

  23. I was not the 1800s British thief (whose real name, as far as I can tell, was Phineas Henry).

  24. I did not serve in the US Navy at sea on the USS Montrose in the Korean War.
    (However, I am the son of a Marine who served on land in battle during that war.)

  25. I am not the one who raises show cats in Sussex UK.

  26. I am not a staff lawyer for the Washington State legislature.

  27. Guitarist Richard Durrant's record label was not named after me or my family.

  28. I am not a leader in the Saskatchewan Miniature Horse Association.

  29. That sure wasn't me who was a leading character played by Linus Roache in the British TV show Seaforth.

  30. I did not publish scandal rags (newspaper/flyers) in New York in the 1900s. (Though I may be related to him.)

  31. So far as I can tell, I am not related to the Longman family that founded a major publishing company in the UK. (If someone has other information, I'd love to know.)

  32. and, I most certainly, absolutely am not the one who, under the apparent pen name Bob Longman, wrote the rated multiple "X" so-called 'underground classic' book titled 'The Debutante Whore'. (Believe it or not, I get occasional emails asking me about that.)

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